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For a healthy lifestyle and healthy home, you need to deep clean every nook and corner either be it in your home or workplace; a clean and healthy place can increase your productivity rate to the maximum. Do you know what’s the hardest part to clean? Yup you guessed it right it’s your carpet, carrying 100s of germs and long-lasting stains that can take forever to get rid of and clean. But with great home service, you don’t have to worry about anything. With our experience and professional cleaning service, we can make your home or workplace carpet spotless. Our industrial standard cleaning process with the best equipment will make sure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly

Best Carpet Cleaning Service Boneo

Carpet Steam clean is one of the most effective and naturally powerful cleaning forces. In steam clean only water and heat is required, so it’s the chemical-free cleaning process, imagine your skin getting in contact with all those chemical you use in cleaning, so would you prefer to get in contact with these chemicals or clean your house and workplace with the chemical-free method, pure water and steam. It’s thorough deep cleaning gets rid of dust mites and kills bacteria 

what is Carpet steam cleaning?

So what is carpet steam clean? Before you opt for the option of cleaning your house or workplace with a steam cleaner, we would like to tell you what it is and its benefits

Steam clean is using the power of pure water and heat for deep cleaning instead of harmful chemicals. It not only cleans well but it can be used anywhere unlike the chemical cleaning process, so it has a huge range. One of the many advantages a steam cleaner have is that it can go everywhere, the steam can go anywhere a rag cannot, so its cleaning range is wide plus you don’t have to buy different solution or cleaning products for different things like a mirror, a spray for your counter and another spray for the floor and the list goes on. Steam clean can do it all for you so you can say it is cost-effective and multipurpose.  

Our great home service in Boneo is an expert that can take care of everything; our expert staff is professionally trained to the standard cleaning methods and handling equipment. Our professional and high-quality service is available at affordable prices. People may think that low and affordable things and services may be low in quality, but here at great home service, we believe in customer satisfaction and peace of mind. With ten years of experience, we know how and where to save and invest.   

Advances of carpet steam cleaning Boneo

We great home service believe that our customers should be well informed, so before you had on you should know what you are in for. Here are some advantages that you can get if you opt for steam cleaning. Dirt’s and dust are cleaned from just the surface with the use of spot cleaning and vacuuming. Deeper treatment that removes dirt, dust mites, pet hairs, and other sorts of debris can be achieved by steam cleaning. Some advantages of the steam clean are 


Cleaning and sterilizing your place could not have been made easier, by the help of steam cleaning and the plus point is it is environmentally friendly since it only uses water and heat as its main component for cleaning. All things considered, let me ask you will you prepare your food or cut your vegetables on your countertop that you’ve cleaned with synthetics? Not exclusively steam cleaners help to dispense with substance build up in your home, making it a more secure spot (particularly for youngsters and pets whose second home is the floor)  

Removes Allergens

Microorganisms, viruses, and fungus may not be perceptible, yet they are conceivable; they are one of the most dangerous pathogens in your home that can bring about disturbances, sensitivities, and diseases. At the point utilizing the steam cleaner, the pores of the surface you’re cleaning gets penetrated by the hot fumes when they contact with the surface; they grow resulting in blowing out all dirt, trash, and microbes. Hot fumes not just excrete microbes like E. Coli and Salmonella but kill them from surface pores. Farewell, irresistible pathogens and dirt! 

In the sunlight “things” skimming in the surge of light. Huge numbers of these particles play a key role in triggering allergies—they are the waste matter of dust mites. dust mites are second just to pollen in the top reasons for causing allergies responses. Utilizing a steam cleaner normally will eliminate these tiny, wheeze instigating irritations for good. Some unfavourably susceptible responses convert into asthma (which is on the ascent among kids), however, examines show that keeping away from allergens in youth can forestall the beginning of asthma. Utilizing a steam cleaner is an extraordinary method to keep everybody in your home more advantageous if you remove these allergens from your sleeping cushions, pads, and furniture.

Get rid of pet hairs and stinky odour 

Pet owners can be recognized by the stinky smell that surrounds their house. The stinky smells from your dog, sanitize birdcages and aquariums can be wipe out by the use of steam cleaner, and it can tidy up the litter box zone. The steam cleaner annihilates the fleas and their eggs without using any harmful and harsh chemicals 

Our Steam Cleaning Process


Our expert first pre-inspect the area and analysis it. Make sure everything is in order and what are the methods that will be the best for the cleaning of that place. With great home service and it is expert and experienced professionals, there is nothing you should be worried about

Pre-spot application for tuff stains

The application of chemicals or different non-harmful chemicals on the stain that needs extra care and attention is done beforehand so that there is no hindrance in the cleaning process and everything works out perfectly and smoothly within the time deadline, our professionals take care of things beforehand so that we can provide the best service in less time

  • Pre-conditioning
  • Extraction
  • Neutralizing pH balance
  • Grooming 
  • Setting the carpet pile

everything is done with extreme care and expert and professional supervision so that our customers can get the best. Our only agenda is to provide our customers with the best service and at an affordable price. With mental peace and no worries and hustle of running after the service provider


After we are done with our work we make sure that it is done with perfection and if there is anything that the customer is not satisfied with, because for us our customer satisfaction is our top priory

Why Choose Us?

Why choose a great home service? our 10 years of experienced cleaners and professionals Carpet steam cleaning in Boneo. we provide the best and quality work through years of experience and expertise. We are extremely professional and customer friendly, giving our all and putting our heart and soul in each task we do.

Our work will be done professionally with perfection and on time, we are never late. We know that you are busy and need the work done on time. We have Public Liability Insurance, will guarantee customer satisfaction, Free No Obligation Quotes and Free Advice, cost-effective and post-inspection for feedback and to make sure that customer is fully satisfied with our work and service