carpet steam cleaning in bundoora

Carpet Steam Cleaning in Bundoora

Great Home Service has been cleaning carpets, couches, mattress etc, for over 10 years in Melbourne. We use the best methods for carpet steam cleaning and we also have our own method for deep carpet steam cleaning. By using our own method it brings life to your carpet and most of our customers get surprised by how effective it is. We offer a same day carpet steam cleaning service in Bundoora ,Reservoir, Preston, Heidelberg and kingsbury,meaning you can book in and get the job done on the same day.

benefits of carpet steam cleaning:

Great Home Service products are pet friendly, kids friendly and they are also eco- friendly. Our products ensure a clean and safe environment for your family and workplace. A deep carpet steam cleaning removes all the dust, food and oil stains on your carpet and it also removes the things your kids play with for example, slime and paint After a steam cleaning we can turn your carpet back to its original colour as if its .brand new, of course it also removes bad smells from your carpet.

How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

At Great Home Service our employees only use industrial equipment to clean your carpets. The equipment that we use will give your carpets a deeper cleaning and a faster drying time due to the suction power of the vacuum motors. After 30 minutes to 1 hour you can walk on your carpets but depending on your carpets material it takes 2-6 hours to dry up completely, if you want a faster drying process ask for it when you are booking your cleaning service.

Professional commercial/ residential carpet steam cleaning in Bundoora

Great Home Service provides both commercial and residential service, regardless of your setting we will complete our job as professionally as possible, whether its a shop or a office, a house or a school etc.

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