Carpet Water Damage Treatment

Carpet water damage Treatment Melbourne

You don’t need to survive a flood plain to be suffering from water damage. Something as simple as a leaky pipe can do extreme damage to your carpets and therefore the floor underneath. however, Great Home Service is prepared to tackle almost anything. From minor pipe leaks to flooding, Great Home Service can help restore what would seem to be a campaign. Get water faraway from your home or business FAST!

From an easy leak to extensive flooding, you would like the water extracted as soon as possible to attenuate property damage, restoration costs and therefore the likelihood of mold occurring. Our technicians use only state-of-the-art equipment and are completely certified & trained to quickly and thoroughly get you back to normal. we have an outsized inventory of state-of-the-art extraction and drying equipment and therefore the Water Damage Specialists you would like to assist you to recover after any quite water emergency—from an easy broken pipe to extensive flooding from a natural disaster.


One of the foremost serious results of water disasters is its effect on carpets and floors. When handling water damage, immediate action is crucial. The longer any sort of water damage goes untreated the greater the damage. Great Home Service understands these issues and provides fast and thorough, on-site carpet and wood floor drying anywhere in Thomastown VIC. we all know that every job requires differing types of equipment; therefore, we feature a good range of kit to accommodate each job.

When a flooding emergency occurs you would like expert help—and you would like it fast. Great Home Service professionals respond immediately using advanced equipment and techniques to extract water quickly and stop/prevent the expansion of mold and mildew in your home. Great Home Service closely monitor and document the drying process to verify your property is dried properly and thoroughly. Extraction equipment is brought into the house to physically remove any free-standing water. Water is extracted from your carpet, underlay and fabric. Air-movers and dehumidifiers are then found out to get rid of the last little bit of moisture to finish the dry out. For even faster drying we will use special heaters to form the dehumidifiers work more efficiently.


Why Hire Great Home Service?

  • We provide free quotes, with no obligation at all.
  • We industriously work with renowned insurance companies.
  • Follow the approved standards of carpet cleaning.
  • Use specialized machines for purposes of extraction and drying.
  • We passionately deliver our services with a promise of safe results.
  • Deliver carpet flood water damage restoration services round the clock.
  • We promise the lowest prices in Thomastown VIC for carpet flood water damage restoration.
  • Our carpet mould removal further adds years to your expensive carpet.
  • We not just clean the carpets but make them absolutely hygienic as well.

We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices.

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