Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning Melbourne

Commercial carpets should be cleaned on a daily basis. Clean carpets not only give your business an honest image, but they also show your staff and your customers that you simply care about your business and promote an honest healthy work environment With decades of experience within the industry, we have the talents and resources to undertake any commercial carpet cleaning project large and little. We are happy to rearrange a quote and have a variety of various carpet cleaning packages and options to fit your requirements.

We guarantee that we offer businesses and facility managers with the very best quality of service or your money back!

Great Home Service fully licensed and insured, you’ll rest easy knowing that we will handle the foremost challenging of jobs within the right way and on time. we offer carpet cleaning services across a good sort of business types including office complexes, hotels, schools, churches, shops, showrooms, theatres and convention centers to call but a couple of.


With regards to the cleanliness of your office, club, or practice from a visible point of view, steam cleaning your carpets gives you the best return on your investment. Many offices we see pay thousands of dollars a year to possess the offices professionally cleaned only to neglect the carpet. and therefore the carpet is typically the primary thing your clients and staff notice.

Steam cleaning your carpets has many benefits, and below are three of the best.

Happy Staff
No-one likes going to work in a dirty environment. The staff is at work the majority of their waking hours. The type of workplace you offer them goes a long way in how they feel about coming to work each day.

A Professional Image to Your Clients
New clients will notice the cleanliness of your workplace often before you even meet them or give them a chance to hear what your business has to offer. First impressions last.

A Healthier Office
Sick days cost this country millions of dollars each year. A healthier office is a more productive office.

Most commercial grade carpets fitted in industrial buildings, such as shops, schools, warehouses and office blocks, are good for carpet cleaners to clean, as we can use most cleaning agents on them without risk of damage to the carpet fibers.
However, in some schools and shops, there can be a lot of gum or other sticky substances stuck to the carpets, and solvents may be needed to remove them. Unfortunately, solvents, if not handled correctly and properly extracted, can gradually eat out the backing of the carpets. this is where Great Home Service can be trusted to do a quality job, with no risk to your carpet fibers. Our carpet cleaning technicians know how to handle solvents. We also use our Last Step Injection® process to flush out all the solvents and cleaning agents used to clean the carpets, thus ensuring that you get the best cleaning results.

How your professional carpet cleaners will clean the office area?

  • A good dry vacuum is necessary to remove all dry soilage. Our most common method of carpet cleaning is the Steam cleaning method, but we also offer a Dry carpet cleaning service for more delicate carpets.
  • Use commercial grade pile lifting equipment for ultimate soilage removal
  • Spot removal on the worst stains
  • Identify the right system or a combination of systems for the carpet and environment
  • Deep Clean all areas required and repeat as necessary in high traffic areas
  • Further spot removal where required
  • Final vacuum
  • Inspection of all areas cleaned

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  • Professional grade equipment and products
  • Our team is nearly always on time. If there is any delay, we will communicate with you as soon as possible
  • We take our work seriously
  • We understand that commercial carpets need tougher attention
  • We want to help you put your best foot forward
  • We offer great prices with our transparent pricing structure
  • We will give you a free quotation, so you know exactly what you need done and how much it will cost

We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices.

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