Roof Cleaning Mulgrave

Roof Cleaning Service in Mulgrave

Nobody enjoys hearing that their roof needs to be replaced. It’s a time-consuming
and inconvenient process that normally costs a lot of money. If only everyone knew
how to keep their roof in good condition.
It is a lot simpler than you might imagine. It only requires routine roof
maintenance to keep your roof in good shape! The majority of people are unaware
that a roof cleaning Mulgrave or even that it can be cleaned. However, doing so will ensure
that your roof remains happy and in good condition for many years.
Algae, Mildew, Moss, Mold, Lichen and even miniature trees are all eager to thrive
on your roof is an excellent surface. Sunshine, warmth, moisture, and fresh air all help
these unpleasant invaders grow happily and quickly, resulting in a discoloured roof.
All of the coatings and stains described above contribute to your roof is eventual
demise! If left unattended, the problem will not only worsen, but it will physically
eat away at your roof, creating leaks and rot. Mould, mildew, lichen, and moss on
your roof can reduce the energy efficiency of your home, resulting in higher
heating and cooling costs. Dirty roofs should not be taken lightly, but rather as a
sign that it is time to clean up your act your roof act, that is.

Roof Cleaning is not a DIY Work
To begin with, roof cleaning in Mulgrave is not a do-it-yourself project. That’s exactly what
they are, no matter how simple the polished YouTube images make it look: expert
specialists filmed doing what they have been trained to do. Professionals are trained
in safety and are knowledgeable about each phase of roof cleaning Mulgrave. They also
know their equipment and are familiar with diverse surfaces. They make a difficult
and risky task appear simple. Done it be deceived into believing that roof cleaning is
as simple and quick as they make it appear.

Roof Cleaning Teamwork
When cleaning a roof, Great home service roof cleaning service professionals work
together as a team. One member is on the roof, while another is sprinkling fresh
water over the countryside below. We clean with petrol high-pressure washing
equipment that uses 4,000psi of water for roof cleaning. But there is no need to be
concerned about the quality of the water, we use to clean straight it is from your
garden faucet! For our high-pressure roof cleaning services in Mulgrave, we merely utilize
ordinary water. For the sake of our customers and the environment, no dangerous
chemicals are used.

Why Do We Need Roof Cleaning in Mulgrave With High-Pressure?
Roof tile pressure washing is an integral part of the roof restoration process.
Washing every inch of a roof, including gutters and drainpipes, takes time and care,
but the finished effect is well worth it.
Great home service can clean a variety of roof types and materials, ranging from
concrete and terracotta to polycarbonate and metal. Roofs of all shapes and sizes
can benefit from our roof cleaning services. Each roof will have its own set of
concerns and cleaning requirements, so ask us how a high-pressure wash may help
your roof. That said, just because your roof hasn’t been damaged does it imply it
doesn’t need cleaning. Some people wash their roofs just for the sake of
appearance. There is no reason why you should it clean your roof now and then.
When you do, make sure you hire reputable pros like Great home service.
This method of roof cleaning with a pressure cleaning solution is ideal for all types
of roofing.

Shingle Roof Cleaning Mulgrave
Mould and mildew grow on the granules of shingle granules. These invaders are wet,
and the dampness will eventually break the granules loose from their surface.
Mould and mildew are killed by high-pressure washing with a safe chemical solution.
The spore dies and falls out of the granule, and the roof cleaning process does not
harm or remove the shingle granules!

Tiles Roof Cleaning Mulgrave
Mould, mildew, and even lichen and moss can coat tiles, causing them to become
darkened and unsightly. Tile roofs are more fragile, yet they are never damaged by
low-pressure washing. When wet, this style of roof is slick and easily damaged, if
not shattered, by a misstep that might send you crashing to the earth. It's
important to keep in mind that very high-pressure cleaning water can get under
these tiles and loosen, remove, or even chip or damage them. You don't want to use
high-pressure nozzles on this type of roof cleaning, and you certainly don't want to
stand on its slick, breakable surface.

Metal Roof Cleaning Mulgrave
Metal roofs appear to be the easiest to clean with just a hose, but they are the
most unsafe to walk on. When wet, this surface becomes incredibly slippery (some
professionals compare it to slick ice), therefore do not attempt to clean them
yourself. Mould and mildew can acquire a footing on the smooth surface of a metal
roof and discolour it. Also keep in mind that mould, mildew, and algae are all slick
when wet!
It’s critical that the correct equipment is used for roof cleaning, and that the
personnel who use it are fully aware of all safety precautions.  Furthermore, your
handyman is unlikely to use his pressure washer at heights regularly, putting him at
a disadvantage from the outset. To truly clean your roof, you’ll need to hire a
professional roof cleaning or power washing service (Great home service). This will
ensure that you do it harm it by using the wrong equipment or taking the wrong

Roof Cleaning Solutions for Pressure Cleaning by Great home
service at Mulgrave
Mould and mildew spores are killed by the roof cleaning solution we apply. Water
cannot destroy those obnoxious spores, and strong pressure, while capable of
blasting some spores away, will not only fail to remove the spores but will also
cause damage to your roof! The chemical cleaning solution is particularly created to
destroy mould and mildew spores, loosen debris and be safe around children, pets,

and landscaping while also killing mould and mildew spores. Anything else would be a
waste of time and money because this answer is not available to the general public.
Any remedy that would be strong enough to eliminate mould and mildew could also
cause harm to your roof. Great home services for roof cleaning is well worth the
money because they complete the work thoroughly, prevent damage to your roof
and property, and keep your feet on the ground.
The method is straightforward. The chemical solution is sprayed on the roof in
large, wide sweeping motions. To loosen dirt and eliminate mould, mildew, lichen,
and moss, the chemical cleaner is allowed to sit on the roof. On a large roof, the
technician may operate in portions, allowing them to return to the first section and
reapply the solution within three to ten minutes of the first application. This
repainting accomplishes two goals. It does two things: first, it rinses away the dead
mould and mildew spores, and then it applies another layer of cleaning solution. The
second application of the solution, as well as the removal of the top layer of dead
mould and mildew, is then applied to the next piece of roof. The specialist works in
parts around the roof (if necessary), returning to respray areas where stains and
discolouration are darker or thicker.
Great home service roof cleaning experts can offer you a free quote. Roofs of
ordinary size can be completed in about an hour once they arrive at your property.
Your roof may be clean, dry, and done quickly with the right tools and a skilled
professional approach. You can observe effects as soon as the technician sprays
the first application of the solution. Your roof may have been unclean and soiled
for years, but in only a few hours in the morning or afternoon, it will look brand

The Advantages of Hiring a Roof Cleaning Service
A dirty roof isn’t simply an eyesore; it also reduces the lifespan of your roof.
Fungus and bacteria are progressively eating away at the roofing material, causing
the filth and discolouration you notice. Moss and mould spores can grow between
the shingles, pulling them off the roof and exposing them to water damage and rot.
They also eat away at your roofing material, dramatically reducing the life of your

roof and necessitating costly repairs. A clean roof extends the life of your roofing
materials by years, and it also looks great from the street!
Great home service enjoys conversing with others. Give us a call if you have any
questions; we’re always delighted to answer them and explain what we do. All of
our specialists are known for their excellent customer service, and we are well-
known for the excellent outcomes that we provide to our satisfied customers. We
focus on providing efficient and cost-effective results, which is why we are the
roof cleaning company of choice for people all around Australia. Call immediately
for a free estimate and to ask any questions you may have. We eagerly await your