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Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Is your rugs dirty? we provide affordable rug cleaning and restoration services to domestic and commercial customers. Our premium rug washing system will have your rugs looking nearly as good as new, free from stains and unwanted odors. We clean all types of rugs – Persian rugs, Tailor made rugs, Chinese rugs, Moroccan rugs, shag rugs, Turkish rugs and Oriental rugs. we’ve the package which will offer you 100% satisfaction.

We’ve been cleaning rugs for over 10 years and have gained the expertise of the way to clean various sorts of rugs consistent with the fabric and level of use. you’ll rest assured your rug is in safe hands and that we guarantee all of our cleaning work. After we’ve identified the fibers of your rug, our experts will proceed with the recommended cleaning procedure fitted to your rug.

Cleaning your rugs is certainly wrought with challenges, especially if your rugs are antique or made from delicate materials like silk. At Great Home Service, we understand this and supply the safest and cost-effective methods available for cleaning your delicate rugs. Great Home Service offers two differing types of rug cleaning Melbourne to satisfy your rug cleaning challenges. we come to your home and steam your rugs right there at your home.

Our cleaning technicians will come to your home and inspect and test your rug. All to form sure we use the proper product and equipment consistent with your rug’s material. People also call this service as rug wash After identifying the fibre and testing it, we’ll pre-clean it by removing dust and little particles that are lying thereon . Then we apply a pre-treatment solution to deal with spots and stains followed by a sprig of our treatment solution, (Stain removal) which can deeply clean and loosen soil and debris. then , we’ll use our specialised high-quality predicament extraction steam cleaning machine to rinse and extract all water and dirt from your rug, leaving it nice, clean and refreshed. We also provide fully insured cleaning company services that are always thorough, consistent and reliable. Reason why we’ve such a lot faith within the quality of our work and our carpet cleaners and have guaranteed it. If any a part of our cleaning doesn’t meet your expectations. Remember, our mission is to supply quality rug cleaning Please inform us within five working days, we’ll rectify the service freed from charge.

Why Engage Professional Rug Cleaners?

There are many factors to rug cleaning that will impact the success of the final result. To have your rug tended to in our factory ensures that it is handled with care and skill.

Attempting to clean your rugs yourself can result in the following complications:

  • The stains could reappear.
  • The floors under the rug could be damaged.
  • The rug may be left too wet, resulting in odours and even mould.
  • There is no way to perform a gentle submersion wash.
  • Without the proper tools and equipment, there will be residual dry left too wet, resulting in odours and even mould.

Our Professional Rug Cleaning Melbourne Techniques

We offer specialised rug cleaning techniques, so you’ll get maximum use of your rugs and also preserve the gorgeous appearance your rug offers. Here are a number of the rug cleaning techniques we provide .

Use of Specially Developed Chemicals: so as to deliver the simplest service in rug cleaning, we use specially designed chemicals that are specific to the task at hand. There are different chemicals for various stains, like the likes of Herston, which may only be used with an industrial sort of vacuum that has rotating brushes. These sorts of chemicals can’t be used reception but are great for professional cleaning. they assist to dislodge deep stains without damaging the rug fibres and, as a result, allow them to be vacuumed easily.

Use of Vacuum Cleaners: we provide the utilization of sophisticated vacuum cleaners. Our vacuum cleaners add such how that the majority of the embedded dirt and mud during a rug are collected. We use a spread of vacuum cleaners for various sorts of rugs. As a result, we provide a number of the simplest rug cleaning Melbourne has got to offer today.

Use of Steam Cleaning: differently we professionally clean stains out of your rug is thru steam cleaning. This process requires predicament and detergent to be sprayed directly onto the carpet to loosen the dirt and other debris. We then suck up or extract the dirty water at high . After extraction, we do a correct rinsing to get rid of any lingering detergent. This process is one among the foremost effective cleaning methods we provide because it removes allergens and dirt.

Dry Powder Cleaning Usage: This method is usually called the host system. It requires a mix of sentimental , natural cleaning product with alittle amount of water, safe to use solvent, and detergent. We sprinkle the mixture onto the rug to make clumps. The clumps dissolve and act as micro sponges to soak up the dirt. The clumps are then vacuumed bent restore the first rug appearance.

We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices.

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